Release 1.13.0 of newlib is now available

Joel Sherrill <>
Sat Dec 18 18:42:00 GMT 2004

Jeff Johnston wrote:
> This release contains a number of bug fixes and
> includes reentrancy additions, optimized iconv support, some 
> thread-safety I/O fixes, new iprintf/iscanf functions, and some 
> x86-linux modifications to allow
> multiple versions of linux to build newlib.

I have downloaded it and am starting a build of RTEMS tools
with gcc 3.3.5+newlib 1.13.0.

Unfortunately, we don't have a complete build of all RTEMS
targets yet with gcc 3.4.x so it wouldn't make a good test.

I will hopefully have tools finishes tomorrow and some results
by Monday.  Assuming all builds well.


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