Pthread support

Jeff Johnston
Tue Oct 19 13:07:00 GMT 2004

Vijay Deep wrote:
> hi all
> I successfully installed arm-elf-gcc and tried to compile JamVM
> with arm-elf-gcc. It didn't configure,throwing an error that pthread
> library is missing. Does newlib supports pthreads ?. If it does, then how
> to cross compile gcc to make arm-elf-gcc support pthread.
> If not, is there any other way, I could add pthread support to
> newlib, thereby making arm-elf-gcc support pthreads. I did try to use
> glibc instead of newlib, but I couldn't cross-compile gcc.
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Vijay Deep


   Pthread support is in the libc/sys/linux directory in the form of 
linuxthreads, however, the linux directory hasn't been set up for non-x86 
systems such as arm.

   Work is needed to provide the linux machine directories for arm which 
supplies the basic syscall mechanism among other things.  Since the linux 
directory is LGPL, this code can be derived from glibc.  If you are willing to 
start this, I will be more than happy to assist you.

   An alternative you might look into is libpth

-- Jeff J.

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