Applying CRX port to Newlib project

Ralf Corsepius
Thu Sep 30 08:56:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 11:18, Tomer Levi wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Jeff Johnston wrote :

> Jeff Johnston wrote :
> >  1. You have no licensing in your files, just a copyright.
> >      You should talk to your employer to see what is acceptable.
> >      Newlib prefers BSD-compatible or freer.  GPL or proprietary code is 
> >      not accepted.

> Is it agreeable to remove all 'National Semiconductor Corporation' 
> copyright from headers of CRX files, as a solution for this legal issue ?

You seem to be mixing up copyright with license. These are different

* A copyright notice denotes a party claiming "mental ownership" on
something ("Copyright NSC" means: "We, NSC are the original authors").
* A license denotes the rights the copyright owner gives away to others.

Some (many) of your files don't carry license terms, so it is not
obvious and clear, if newlib and newlib's users are legitimated to use
and modify these files.


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