Applying CRX port to Newlib project

Tomer Levi
Tue Sep 28 09:28:00 GMT 2004

Hi Jeff,

Jeff Johnston wrote:
> You can either provide an ftp location or break up the patch into 
smaller chunks 
> and send it to me.

Great !!!
I've divided the patch into two : Newlib changes (attached below) and 
Libgloss changes.
Each patch will be sent together with its ChangeLog.

The Changelog entry for the NEWLIB subdirectory:

2004-09-28  Tomer Levi  <>

        * Add support for crx.
        * libc/include/machine/ieeefp.h: Ditto.
        * libc/include/machine/setjmp.h: Ditto.
        * libc/machine/crx/ New file.
        * libc/machine/crx/ Ditto.
        * libc/machine/crx/setjmp.S: Ditto.
        * libc/machine/crx/aclocal.m4: Generate.
        * libc/machine/crx/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/machine/crx/ Ditto.
        * libc/sys/crx/ New file.
        * libc/sys/crx/ Ditto.
        * libc/sys/crx/crt0.S: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/crx/getenv.c: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/crx/aclocal.m4: Generate.
        * libc/sys/crx/configure: Ditto.
        * libc/sys/crx/ Ditto.

      Tomer Levi

Software Engineer                                   phone: 
CompactRISC Development Tools  fax:        +49-8141-35-11-1378
National Semiconductor GmbH
Livry-Gargan Str. 10                                internet:
82256 Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany
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