Linking problem , powerPC w/ gcc 3.4.0 c++ program and newlib

Dave Murphy
Thu Jul 29 04:31:00 GMT 2004

Don Russell wrote:

> Having tried every combo of libs in the tool chain, the best I get  is two
>unresolved symbols
>         _Unwind_Resume and _gxx_personality_v0 .
>Is there a missing switch?  Does newlib support C++ ?
>Searching the web, many have this problem none seem to have an answer
The simplest answer to your problem is to stop using ld as your linker. 
Use g++ to link C++ projects, it knows exactly which system libraries 
should be used and what order they should be linked in so let it do it's 
job & invoke ld with the proper command line.

It'll save a *lot* of pain in the long run :)


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