C99 complex numbers in cygwin?

dgun@umpire.com dgun@umpire.com
Thu Jul 15 20:20:00 GMT 2004

From: "Billinghurst, David (CALCRTS)"
> gcc uses the complex math functions from the system libraries,
> (excluding builtins).  They aren't in newlib, so cygwin doesn't have them.
> I, too, would like them as they are required by gfortran, which will be 
> (is) the fortran compiler in gcc-3.5.  

UPDATE: This just in...


"The ISO C99 functions ... cabsf, cabsl, cabs, cacosf, cacoshf, cacoshl,
cacosh, cacosl, cacos, cargf, cargl, carg, casinf, casinhf, casinhl,
casinh, casinl, casin, catanf, catanhf, catanhl, catanh, catanl, catan,
cbrtf, cbrtl, cbrt, ccosf, ccoshf, ccoshl, ccosh, ccosl, ccos, cexpf,
cexpl, cexp, cimagf, cimagl, cimag, conjf, conjl, conj,..., cpowf,
cpowl, cpow, cprojf, cprojl, cproj, crealf, creall, creal, csinf, csinhf,
csinhl, csinh, csinl, csin, csqrtf, csqrtl, csqrt, ctanf, ctanhf, ctanhl,
ctanh, ctanl, ctan ... are handled as built-in functions except in strict
ISO C90 mode (-ansi or -std=c89)."

Sounds like I just need to wait for gcc 3.4.  Is there a build of it
available for cygwin yet?


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