Install an additional CRT file

Nick Clifton
Wed Jul 14 23:38:00 GMT 2004

Hi Tomer,

> I'm a newbie to newlib and I'm trying to port newlib for a new 
> architecture (named CRX, a National-Semiconductor product).
> Everything is going great except one thing :
> I'm using two files for initialization stuff : crt0.S and init_all.c.
> I would like init_all.o to be installed under the 'lib' directory, 
> together with crt0.o and the other generated libraries.
> init_all.o is called by crt0.o and is used only for initialization stuff, 
> thus i would like it to reside outside libc.a library.

Simple solution - use libgloss instead of newlib for your startup files. 
  For an example see libgloss/arm/ where there are rules for 
building all kinds of specialised startup libraries.


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