atomic Xprintf

Jeff Johnston
Wed May 26 23:10:00 GMT 2004

Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Brian Ford wrote:
>> This Cygwin bug:
>> appears to be caused by these changes:
>> 2003-08-22  Jeff Johnston  <jjohnstn at redhat dot com>
>>         * libc/stdio/vasprintf.c: Ditto.  Also call _vfprintf_r directly.
>>         * libc/stdio/vsnprintf.c: Ditto.
>>         * libc/stdio/vsprintf.c: Ditto.
>>         * libc/stdio/snprintf.c: Call _vfprintf_r directly.
>>         * libc/stdio/sprintf.c: Ditto.
>>         * libc/stdio/vprintf.c: Ditto.  Also add _REENT_ONLY check.
>> Calling _vfprintf_r directly avoids the f[lock|unlock]file calls that
>> would happen if just _vfprintf were called.
>> I don't understand the reasoning for this change.  Could someone please
>> explain?  Thanks.
> It was a case of eliminating an extraneous call as the _r routines in 
> the same files call _vfprintf_r directly.  It was obviously an oversight 
> on my part regarding the locking aspsect, however, it is equally 
> obvious, the locking is being performed in the wrong place.  While the 
> old call handled the locking for the regular I/O printf functions, the 
> fact remains that the _r versions of _vasprintf_r, etc.. all call 
> _vfprintf_r directly and they are not protected. Pushing the locking 
> down into _vfprintf_r should fix the problems.
> -- Jeff J.


   Can you try out the attached patch and verify if it solves the problem?

-- Jeff J.
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