undefined sbrk in libnosys

Marc Schafer mschafer@avidyne.com
Wed May 26 18:02:00 GMT 2004

i have two cygwin systems.  one is powerpc-eabi-gcc 3.3.1 with newlib 1.11 and the other is powerpc-eabi-gcc
3.4.0 with newlib 1.12

On the 1.11 system, my application compiles fine.  However, on the 1.12 system I get a linker error because
sbrk is undefined.  Both use the same makefile and linker script.

nm shows sbrk in libnosys in the 1.11 version but it shows _sbrk in the 1.12 system.  Is that _ the reason for
the linker error?  Did I do something wrong when I built newlib?


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