gcc+newlib cross compiler doesn't work for xscale

³ÂÓÀ½¡ chenyj99@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Fri Apr 30 12:43:00 GMT 2004

Hi, all,

   I've built up a gcc-newlibc tool chain for a xscale board(arm5l) using


   target is arm-elf, main configuration options is

	--enable-multilib --enable-interwork

   and the t-arm-elf file is modified to enable thumb/thumb-interwork.

   The main purpose is to enable thumb/interwork ability for the target. The
building process works fine, no errors occured. And the result gcc can compile
arm/thumb code.

   But there are two problems.
 1.the binaries just cannot run on the target board.

   it's just like this:

   // hello.c
   #include <stdio.h>

   int main(void) {
	printf("hello world!\n");
	return 0;

   compiled with:
   %arm-elf-gcc -o hello_arm hello.c
   %arm-elf-gcc -mthumb -o hello_thumb hello.c

   on the host machine ( an i686-linux machine), run the simulator:

   %xscale-elf-run hello_arm
    hello world!
   %xscale-elf-run hello_thumb
    hello world!

   but on the target machine:

    Segmentation fault!
    Segmentation fault!

   gdb exposes the following information:
   %gdb hello_arm
   Starting program: /home/yjchen/test/arm
   Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
   0x0000812c in start ()
   (gdb)disass 0x8120 0x8140
   Dump of assembler code from 0x8120 to 0x8140:
   0x8120 <start>: mov     r0, #22 ; 0x16
   0x8124 <start+4>:       add     r1, pc, #228    ; 0xe4
   0x8128 <start+8>:       swi     0x00123456
   0x812c <start+12>:      ldr     r0, [pc, #220]  ; 0x8210 <start+240>
   0x8130 <start+16>:      ldr     sp, [r0, #8]
   0x8134 <start+20>:      ldr     r10, [r0, #12]
   0x8138 <start+24>:      add     r10, r10, #256  ; 0x100
   0x813c <start+28>:      mov     r1, #0  ; 0x0
   End of assembler dump.
   (gdb)info reg
   r0             0x16     22 
   r1             0x8210   33296
   r2             0x0      0
   r3             0x0      0
   r4             0x0      0
   r5             0x0      0 
   r6             0x0      0
   r7             0x0      0
   r8             0x0      0
   r9             0x0      0
   r10            0x0      0
   r11            0xbffffa50       -1073743280
   r12            0x0      0
   sp             0xbffffa50       -1073743280
   lr             0x0      0
   pc             0x812c   33068
   fps            0x0      0
   cpsr           0x10     16

   The above lines of code comes from crt0.o, which is compiled from

   I don't catch the reason why this could happen. Can someone explain
   it? Is this a problem of the gcc/newlib compilation configuration, or
   merely a problem of the arm-linux?

   two key points:
 	a. xscale simualtor run this code without error.
        b. arm-linux compilation with gcc/glibc toolchain for pure arm
           instructions works fine on the target board, without any error.

 2. Can newlib support multithreads now?
   I have compiled newlib using


   but when gcc still in a single-thread mode.

   %gcc -v
   Reading specs from
   Configured with: /home/yjchen/src/gcc-3.2.1-2/configure --target=arm-elf 
   --enable-newlib-multithread --enable-threads --with-cpu=xscale 
   --with-softfloat-support=internal --enable-languages=c,c++ --nfp 
   --enable-interwork --enable-multilib
   Thread model: single
   gcc version 3.2.1

   Since the application want to build requires pthread support, how can
   I achieve that?

   I'm still trying to figure out which part goes wrong, but I think
   suggestion from experience person should be more helpful.

   Chen Yongjian

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