check-target-newlib problem

Jon Beniston
Wed Mar 24 00:57:00 GMT 2004

I'm having a bit of a problem getting to "make check-target-newlib" to
work. When I run it, I get:

xp ...
ERROR: (DejaGnu) proc "newlib_target_compile
.c /cygdrive/c/Beniston/excess/build/newlib
/excess-elf/mword-bits=32/newlib/testsuite/iconvjp.x executable {}" does
not exist.

If I cut 'n paste the newlib_target_compile proc from newlib.exp into
passfail.exp it works, but I'm guessing I shouldn't have to do this.
Adding a load_lib newlib.exp doesn't work.

Perhaps it's a side effect of this hack, but its seems that the test
programs are being compiled without the multilib flags.

Any ideas?


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