Query for removing file support from Newlib

pankaj dev pdev@GlobespanVirata.com
Fri Jan 16 12:02:00 GMT 2004

Actually I am working in GCC and Newlib for sparclet processor. The sparclet
processor being used doesnt have a floating point unit and the enviournment
its being used under also doesnt require the floating point usage so I built
newlib with the flag:


so as to remove the floating point I/O operations from functions like
printf, vsprintf etc..

So my first query is "Is this flag enough to remove all the floating point
libraries from the final (.a) that will be build or is there more we can do
for removing floating point operations and implementations inside newlib."

Another query is that the enviournment supports its own file system and so
it also doesnt require any File operations being implemented in Newlib which
also includes functions like vfprintf etc... which print the ouput to a
File. Is there any flag or any such implementation which can remove the File
operations just like the flag --disable-newlib-io-float flag did above.

Pankaj Dev

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