newlib 64bit ready?

Jeff Johnston
Mon Dec 29 21:14:00 GMT 2003

It is one thing to build and another to execute properly under all 
I have not tested newlib with a 64-bit address platform and my queries 
to see if
the gnupro toolchains shipped a 64-bit newlib platform turned up no, as 
So, I will have to say that newlib is not 64-bit proven at present and 
it is a todo
to verify/support such platforms.

-- Jeff J.

Chun Yuan Charles Wong wrote:

>i've been having a look at newlib for the first time and i'm slightly
>confused over whether it is 64 bit ready or not.  The configure file
>indicates that newlib supports several 64-bit architectures, but the
>comments under several of the alpha targets state that newlib is not 64bit
>ready.  Could someone clarify this for me please?

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