possible memory leak in newlib 1.11.0

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill@OARcorp.com
Mon Oct 27 20:03:00 GMT 2003


An RTEMS user has discovered a memory leak with newlib 1.11.0. Under
RTEMS, each thread is given a reentrancy structure.  It is malloc'ed
at thread create and free'ed when the thread is deleted.  No leaks
are evident until the task does a printf().  This results in
the following code around line 81 of stdio/makebuf.c being executed:

   if ((p = _malloc_r (fp->_data, size)) == NULL)
       fp->_flags |= __SNBF;
       fp->_bf._base = fp->_p = fp->_nbuf;
       fp->_bf._size = 1;
       fp->_data->__cleanup = _cleanup_r;
       fp->_flags |= __SMBF;
       fp->_bf._base = fp->_p = (unsigned char *) p;

So in this case stdout->_data is malloc'ed memory.

At thread deletion, RTEMS does this which we assumed
would have taken care of tearing down all the structures
and buffers in the reentrancy structure.


This results in the above malloc'ed buffer (1K) being lost.
I added this hack in our thread delete code which fixes it:

int newlib_free_buffers(   FILE *fp ) {
   if (fp->_flags & __SMBF) {
     free( fp->_bf._base );
     fp->_flags &= ~__SMBF;
     fp->_bf._base = fp->_p = (unsigned char *) NULL;
   return 0;

_fwalk(ptr, newlib_free_buffers);

Where should this memory be freed?  What should be done to make sure
this buffer gets deallocated?


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