[PATCH] Fix ColdFire support for GCC 3.4 in libgloss

Bernardo Innocenti bernie@develer.com
Wed Oct 15 19:41:00 GMT 2003

J. Johnston wrote:

>   I'm afraid I can't accept this change as-is.  The problem is that gcc 
> code is under the GPL license and newlib does not accept GPL licensed 
> contributions.  If you want to make your own set of macros based on your 
> "observations of gcc" or if you were to copy from a BSD-licensed source, 
> that would be fine, but to copy the macros (plus/minus comments) 
> directly from the gcc code is not.

This isn't a problem: I'm the author of those changes in GCC,
and my FSF copyright assignment papers grant me full ownership
of my contributions.

I hereby re-license my code to the newlib project with the same
license of libgloss/m68k/crt0.S.

>   I would also like to see any such replacement macros placed into a 
> header file included by the two files rather than copied multiple times.

Sure. I'll resubmit the patch moving the definitions to asm.h.

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