Newlib problems when compiling SPEC2000 using GNUpro

Tao Zhang
Thu Sep 4 06:15:00 GMT 2003

Hi, all

I got some trouble when compiling SPEC2000 benchmarks using
GNUpro. I think the problem is related to newlib. I am using
GNUpro version 3.1-xscale-020523. I am working on RH7.3 system.
I got many problems because the compiled library doesn't
include necessary functions/headers.

For example, when compiling GCC, one of the errors is the
lacking of getcwd library function.
When compiling gap, the error is lacking of termio.h.
When compiling perl, the error is lacking of sys/ioctl.h

When I cross-compiled GNUpro, I specified target machine
as xscale-elf. I think the problem may be due to that I didn't
specify the target OS is linux so the compilation system missed
many necessary files. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Thanks a lot!


			-Tao Zhang (

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