m32r-elf build requires gdb?

Jim Wilson wilson@tuliptree.org
Fri Aug 22 17:17:00 GMT 2003

Dara Hazeghi wrote:
> `../../../../combined/libgloss/m32r/../../gdb/m32r-stub.c',
> needed by `m32r-stub.o'.  Stop.

This file isn't needed to get a functional compiler.  The gdb stub is 
only needed if you want to run code on a target board and talk to it via 
gdb.  Including it in the linker script is a convenient way to make sure 
it gets loaded, since most people will have a need for this.  There is 
an alternate linker script that doesn't use the gdb stuf if you don't 
want it, though there are curious and probably wrong differences between 
the two scripts.

Where to put the gdb stubs is an issue that has been debated to death in 
the past, with some people insisting on putting them in gdb because they 
are gdb specific and some people insisting on putting them in newlib (or 
some other library) because they are library files.  We've never been 
able to come to agreement on this issue.
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