missing functions in newlib

chris caj@cs.york.ac.uk
Thu Aug 14 17:14:00 GMT 2003


I was suprised to not find in the FAQ "XXX is missing from newlib", so I
shall have to ask it here.

I am using newlib as it seems to be the C library used in cygwin, and use it
to convert linux/bsd programs to windows.

The two things I find most often are missing are <err.h> (and the functions
in it) which seem to simply allow pretty-printing error messages, and itoa,
which turns an integer into an ascii string.

Is there some specific reason (not wanting to just add every non-standard
function) these aren't in newlib? Would adding them simply involve finding /
writing correct versions? Could they just be lifted whole-sale from a
licence compatable C library?

Thank you for your help on what I suspect is an obvious question..


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