termios.h under mingw32

Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Fri Jun 27 18:52:00 GMT 2003

Mats Liljegren wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> AFAIK, newlib doesn't yet build for the MinGW target.
>> Earnie.
> Strange. It doesn't complain about --target=mingw32, and there are 
> subdirectories for mingw32. I can also see a newlib subdirectory in msys 
> package. I'm looking in newlib 1.11.0. make and make install works fine 
> too for newlib.
> Are there any alternatives so that I can have Unix-like functions mapped 
> to Windows dito?

The MSYS package (a fork of Cygwin) uses an older version of newlib for 
it's private msys target, not a mingw32 target.  The msys target is not 
meant for the public to use other than enhancing msys support.  If you 
want a POSIX library for windows, visit www.cygwin.com.

I don't know about subdirectories for mingw32 in newlib.  Perhaps 
someone has done some porting of newlib and submitted patches, that is 
possible and doable.  You won't though have POSIX functionality without 
a lot of work and Cygwin has done that already.


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