Newlib for embedded linux systems?

Wed Jun 11 08:43:00 GMT 2003


Thanks for the pointers.

Well, I happened to come across this comment on newlib and since I am
evaluating the suitability of using newlib as the C library on an embedded
powerpc system running Linux, I would put this here for clarification.

"Newlib is a free C library intended for use on embedded systems, with less
restrictive licensing than the GPL. However, it currently lacks the libgloss
layer necessary to use it as the C library under Linux."

May be, it is all the past.
Does newlib(1.11) come with libgloss port for Linux OS?
I mean, can I use newlib as the (shared or static) C-lib for powerpc
embedded systems running Linux?
What are the required modification/considerations, if I want to port it

One more question, my intentions is to bring up a customized (I mean, with
no unnecessary code in flash/ram) Linux system on a PowerPC (MPC8260) board,
to run a couple of application tasks (threads/processes) concurrently.
Glibc is massive in size, I understand. Is newlib a good choice here?

Ramanathan G A

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Anandapadmanabhan,Ramanathan wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to setup an cross development envrn. for powerpc-linux on
> i686-linux.
> Built binutils and GCC (cross) 3.2 and was then trying to
> configure and compile newlib 1.11.0
> (anything wrong with using newlib here?. Mine is an embedded powerpc
> -MPC8260- target system)

Newlib is barred by the *-*-linux* catchall in the top-level
(i.e. it is not newlib that is preventing this).  However, do you really
powerpc-linux?  Would powerpc-eabi or powerpc-elf suffice for your embedded

-- Jeff J.

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