libtool fix for mips64-linux-gnu

Alexandre Oliva
Fri Apr 11 03:57:00 GMT 2003

This patch fixes a problem in libtool that caused it to not link with the shared libgcc on the n32 and n64 multilibs.  The
problem was that libtool relied on a regular expression to match the
output of the command `file' when given a shared library, but the
output of file included information about the MIPS ISA required by the
shared library, which libtool didn't expect.  Since MIPS code is PIC
by default anyway, using pass_all is safe.  In fact, this is what
libtool mainline already did for mips and mipsel; I've just extended
it to mips*, so I'm now checking this in mainline.

Despite the ChangeLog entry, I'm rebuilding only configure scripts
that are most directly affected, such as those of shared libraries
that are part of gcc.  binutils uses static libraries by default, so
it's mostly unaffected.  newlib doesn't support mips64*-linux-gnu, so
it's not affected either.  GDB doesn't use libtool, but some of the
libraries it shares with binutils are potentially affected, so I'm
Cc:ing it.

We should probably create a separate mailing list for top-level
patches...  I'm probably missing a number of other projects :-(

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