Missing lfind/lsearch/insque/remque ?

J. Johnston jjohnstn@redhat.com
Wed Apr 9 15:58:00 GMT 2003

Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> Hi all!
> As you have added search.h with hsearch- and tsearch-functions
> to newlib, is there a significant reason to omit lsearch/lfind
> and insque/remque, as they are specified together in search.h
> in SUSv3 (and SUSv2 too) ?
> thanks
>   haubi

The search routines that were added were done so to make newlib EL/IX compliant.
EL/IX is an embedded Linux standard originally drafted by the eCos folks.
Making newlib EL/IX compliant was a larger undertaking and the routines you mention
above are not part of that standard, so no effort was made at the time to include them.

Newlib does not aspire to contain everything but the kitchen sink.  It is meant to support
embedded platforms.  For native platforms, large robust C libraries already exist
(e.g. glibc).  That said, however, we are not turning away code contributions.  If
you wish to contribute the missing routines, they would be welcomed, provided that the
licensing restrictions were adhered to and the routines did not have OS requirements
above the normal newlib syscall layer.

-- Jeff J.

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