Newlib for big endian arm7
Fri Apr 4 13:52:00 GMT 2003

I want to build the newlib for a big endian arm7 target on a solaris host.
But it seems to be not possible, only little endian is built...
I think with the multilib switch all different target libraries (big, little
should be built.
Is big endian supported for the ARM7?
Has anyone built the newlib for big endian ARM7?
I also tried the target armeb-elf, but that gave me an error while building
the gcc, and different newlib/binutils/gcc versions.

The command "arm-elf-gcc -print-multi-lib" gives following output:

Here is a part of my script:

set BINUTILS        = binutils-2.13.1
set GCC             = gcc-3.2.2
set NEWLIB          = newlib-1.11.0
setenv TARGET arm-elf

../${NEWLIB}/configure \
    --target=${TARGET} \
    --prefix=${PREFIX} \
    --enable-multilib  \
make all install info install-info


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