Bug in stdio using dynamic_reent

Likely, Grant Grant.Likely@gdcanada.com
Wed Apr 2 22:52:00 GMT 2003

IO_Init simply sets up my serial IO channel so that calls to _read_r and
_write_r will work.  It does not affect the library calls.  My _write_r
function simply dumps the entire contents of *buf to the serial channel when

I've tested this on two different targets, both with no operating system.
One is a powerpc (8260) and the other is a 5307 coldfire.  I have not
attempted it on my x86 linux box because I have not been able to build
newlib natively.  (The configure script seems to work, but the Makefile
generated doesn't do anything).

I've done a little bit of debug, but the problem seems to be burried deep
enough that I haven't found it yet.

Am I initializing the impure data structures correctly?


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Sorry, haven't seen this.  If I run this (minus the IO_Init()) with my
newlib build which uses __DYNAMIC_REENT__, it outputs what glibc does:

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