building newlib for mingw32

Brian Hawley
Wed Mar 19 18:01:00 GMT 2003

>Let's get some perspective here.  You were asking for help, right?  And,
>the first thing you did in asking for help was to by imply that the OS
>used by the person whose help you were soliciting "blows".  Whatever.

Yes, I asked for help, not a lecture on my opinions.

A statement as you made above would have solicited an apology from me.  The
original statement did not indicate your personal offense, but presumed to
lecture me on the proper use of Windows when you clearly knew it was a pun.
And then go on to say that you thought my comment was tedious.

Well, you're entitled to your opinion too.

If I offended anyone else, I apologize.

>Given the rest of your message, apparently you took my "correction" as a
>sign that everything else I said was also valueless.  You can, of

Didn't take it as valueless, just didn't have any thing other than the 
statement as
to how directly I followed the README.  I usually assume if a README says
explicitly that you MUST follow the instructions in a certain section 
exactly, that
they generally know what they are talking about.  When that doesn't work, 
I start tinkering and spending time troubleshooting, I ask a newsgroup if 
has run into that problem.

If I hear from no one whose run into that, or who claims the README is broken,
then I can troubleshoot it with educated guesses and suggestions from teh 
It's not the first program I've had to build in 20 years of software 


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