building newlib for mingw32

Brian Hawley
Tue Mar 18 17:18:00 GMT 2003

At 11:51 AM 3/18/03 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 03:59:49PM -0800, Brian Hawley wrote:
> >I've been reading for days, and still can't quite come up with the answer
> >to several problems/questions.
> >
> >We are attempting to bring over some internally developed libraries and
> >code from what compiles on a variety of *nix boxes to Winblows.
>Actually the name of the system is "Windows".  Derivations on the name Windows
>were funny about ten years ago.  Ten years ago, I had funny quotes in my
>signature too.  Eventually this kind of thing gets old and tedious.

Really.  I didn't know it was Windows.  Thanks for correcting me.  To 
think, I could
have went through the rest of my life misspelling it.  Really, your 
commentary is
a waste of bandwidth, and I'll call it whatever I like.

>I've never tried to build newlib for mingw since, on Windows, newlib is
>typically built for cygwin.  However, there seems to at least be a
>target for mingw in configure so maybe it's supposed to work.
> >We realize we will have to fill in a lot of what windows doesn't natively
> >provide [ i.e. system calls ] but we were hoping to use newlib to
> >accomplish some of what we couldn't accomplish easily with liberty & mingw.
>Filling in a lot of what windows doesn't natively do is actually what cygwin

We can't use Cygwin due to licensing restrictions.

> >Problem 1: configure. I've followed the README, but the configure script in
> >the top level build directory does not recurse.
> >               And, if I use ../../newlib/configure, then the include path
> >               is wrong, and the .c's can't find libc/include.
>Sorry, but you're not providing many details.  As a wild guess, perhaps
>you shouldn't be using relative paths to configure but should be
>building in a completely separate build directory.  That's how I typically
>build newlib for cygwin.

I'm following the README in the newlib distribution verbatim.

>Otherwise, please provide your directory layout, the commands you're using
>to configure and make newlib, an example gcc command line, and exact error
>message output.
> >Problem 2: I worked around problem 1 manually. I then created stubs for all
> >the system calls that newlib makes [ and it makes a few ], I will fill them
> >out later.
> >               But, I get linker errors complaining that gcleanup and wsbrk
> >               are multiply defined...i.e. in freer.o and mallocr.o.
>Sorry.  Can't help there.  Again, details would help, like the actual gcc
>command line you're using.

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