building newlib for mingw32

Brian Hawley
Fri Mar 14 23:59:00 GMT 2003

I've been reading for days, and still can't quite come up with the answer 
to several problems/questions.

We are attempting to bring over some internally developed libraries and 
code from what compiles on a variety of *nix boxes to Winblows.

We're using a mingw32 with Msys environment, and are looking to newlib to 
provide a lot of the library functionality which MSVCRT doesn't. While we
don't rely on a lot of library calls, mingw32 seems to not have values in 
the include files for a lot of common library routines. So, although you 
might link with liberty,
a lot of the defines are missing...and I understand from a licensing 
perspective why.

We realize we will have to fill in a lot of what windows doesn't natively 
provide [ i.e. system calls ] but we were hoping to use newlib to 
accomplish some of what we couldn't accomplish easily with liberty & mingw.

Problem 1: configure. I've followed the README, but the configure script in 
the top level build directory does not recurse.
		And, if I use ../../newlib/configure, then the include path is wrong, and 
the .c's can't find libc/include.

Problem 2: I worked around problem 1 manually. I then created stubs for all 
the system calls that newlib makes [ and it makes a few ], I will fill them 
out later.
		But, I get linker errors complaining that gcleanup and wsbrk are multiply 
defined...i.e. in freer.o and mallocr.o.

So, I'm sure some of you have been down this porting road before. If this 
is the right direction to go to accomplish this, perhaps you can help me
with the two problems above. If not, perhaps you can put me on the right path?


-- Brian
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