Adding directories to the newlib build

Craig A. Vanderborgh
Fri Feb 28 20:03:00 GMT 2003

Hello All:

I am finishing up ARM/Wince 3.0 support for newlib and I need to add
some directories under my "wince" subdirectory for additional header
files and directories.  For example, in addition to my own system header
files for wince being put into INSTALLDIR/include/sys, I need the build
to install some additional files and directories when the newlib build
is performed, e.g. INSTALLDIR/include/netinet/in.h

What is the correct way to get the automake regime to do this, i.e. what
do I need to add to the Makefile hierarchy and where do I need to put
it?  Please advise as the automake stuff is really giving me headaches
right now!!

craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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