c4x - TMS320C30-40

Peter Lambert plambert@qa.com.au
Fri Feb 7 00:15:00 GMT 2003

> What target did oyu use and how many patches did it require?

I used mike haynes "stable" release of "c4x-gcc" the target HW is 320C31.
It only took a couple of minor hacks to the machine definition sections of
newlib to get it all to compile.  This was yesterday.

> Are you using the c3x simulator for gdb that was available as a patch
> a while back?  [Hmmm.. is it merged now?]

Not yet.  There appears to be bits of mike's code in the core gcc sources
and some bits not there so I used his stable patches against the nearest
source versions I could find (mike has gdb patches).  I'll drop you a note
if I get gdb to work OK.

> I recall it being much more complicated.  There were dependencies
> on NaN, interpreting bits in the numbers in various ways.

It's always more complicated than a newbie thinks.  It's a strict DSP
project (but a personal one as a break from writing embedded code and
designing HW all day) with a bit of minor control stuff that I'd prefer to
use C for.  It will probably make no difference to me if the floating point
library doesn't work.  But given the time I'll have a go.

Peter Lambert

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