Bare Bone Arm-Elf-Gcc

Doug Evans
Thu Feb 6 17:48:00 GMT 2003

J. Johnston writes:
 > Dave,
 >    From the newlib/libgloss side, I have been thinking about this and I
 > propose that newlib adds a configuration option that tells newlib not to
 > supply low-level syscalls.  This would allow you to build newlib without
 > the RDI/RDP syscalls.  You should then place your new code
 > in the libgloss/arm directory and build a separate library, crt0, and ld
 > script which specifies both your library and your crt0.  You can then
 > use the compiler -T option to specify your ld script.
 >    The configuration options solves a long-standing problem regarding older
 > platforms that put the syscall code in newlib and it really should be
 > in libgloss.  We could copy the existing code over to libgloss and eventually
 > remove the problem by syncing up a default ld script with the compiler folks.

Excellent idea.

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