wchar_t support status

J. Johnston jjohnstn@redhat.com
Mon Feb 3 23:26:00 GMT 2003

Alexander Stepanov wrote:
> Who can tell me what is the current status of the wchar_t support in the
> newlib?

What do you mean specifically?  If you build the docs, you can see the
various wchar_t routines supported.  For example, there are wide character string
routines in the libc/string directory, conversion routines in libc/stdlib,
and various character classification and mapping functions in the libc/ctype directory.
There are a number of C99 routines that are not supported such as wchar I/O routines,
wchar numeric conversion routines, wchar time conversion routines, and
wchar collation.

The only wide-character languages currently supported are Japanese: JIS, S-JIS, EUC-JP,
and UTF-8.  These are activated by setting the LC_CTYPE locale to one of:
"C-JIS", "C-SJIS", "C-EUCJP", or "C-UTF-8".

> Is it only in the CVS snapshot now? 

No, a new release 1.11.0 was recently cut which has all of this support.
See: http://sources.redhat.com/ml/newlib/2002/msg00665.html
I neglected to update the NEWS page but I will do so shortly.

> Is there any development progress towards next release of the newlib?

Not for a while.  I'll assume you didn't know about 1.11.0.

-- Jeff J.

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