PATCH : H8300 Simulator File I/O Implementation

D.Venkatasubramanian, Noida
Wed Jan 8 05:10:00 GMT 2003

Hi Kazu, 
> Hi Venky,
> > ;int open(const char *pathname, int flags);
> > ;Integer arguments have to be zero extended.
> > ;The second argument is taken from the stack,
> > ;hence it is not zero extended here.
> By the second argument, do you mean flags?  If so, it is in regster r1
> or er1 in all variants of H8, I think.

I meant the flags, but as this function uses variable arguments, I found the

flags on the starting position on the stack and R2. As the calling
for variable arguments seems to be different, I get the parameter from the 
stack. If there is some improvement that can be done, I would be willing to 
do the same heartily. :-)

> Kazu Hirata

Thanks and Regards,


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