Newlib on v850e-elf

Anders Bøgild
Sun Dec 8 04:09:00 GMT 2002

I'am building a cross compiler for the NEC v850e based on 
binutils-2.13 and the gcc-20021202 snapshot (gcc 3.3 beta for v850e support, 
gcc 3.2.1 only supports v850)
I would like to use newlib (1.10.0) as runtimelib, but it won't compile (it 
says target not supported, and there is only the plain v850 in newlib's 
confug.sub). Is there any way to make newlib work on the v850e ?
When searching the mail-archives for "v850e" some mentions come up, but nothing 

If anybody here uses the v850e, wich runtime lib do he/she use?

Anders Boegild
Student at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense (MIP institute)

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