Confusion trying to Cross Compile

Doug Broadwell
Thu Sep 26 11:45:00 GMT 2002

Hello all,

I've built a cross gcc and newlib for an embedded target using the latest
releases;  m68k-unknown-coff  on  i686-pc-linux-gnu.  As I already have an
m68k-coff compiler loaded for uClinux, I installed the new one in a
different path (/opt/xgcc/run).  Reading through the "Using and Porting GNU
CC" book (for 2.7.2), I am very confused as to how and where to specify the
search paths, and the order thereof, to search for headers and libraries.
An example is stdlib.h: one resides in  lib/gcc-lib/m68k-coff/3.2/include
and the other in  m68k-coff/include;  they are different, which order should
those be searched?

I'm also confused as to whether I need to edit for libgloss via
autoconf or not for my specific target board (Lineo uCdimm in this case).

Thanks very much, Doug Broadwell

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