argp functions for all?

Nicholas Wourms
Fri Aug 30 09:16:00 GMT 2002


As a hierarchical argument parsing library, I would find 
argp to be an excellent addition to Cygwin [although it is 
not POSIX, but rather a glibc feature].  This would further 
enhance cross platform compatibility with glibc-centric code 
for those platforms which cannot run glibc.  I noticed, 
during a recent update of my cygwin checkout, that this 
library was added to newlib.  However, it was much to my 
dismay to see it was YA "linux"-only feature.  Why so many 
linux-only features :-(?  I'm sure that's the easy route, 
but shouldn't it be a goal to provide library functions that 
all newlib-supported platforms can access?  I mean, unlike 
linux people, newlib is all us Cygwin people have.  I guess 
my question is, like argz, wouldn't it be better to 
implement argp for all newlib-supported platforms (including 
Cygwin) to use?  FWIW, I've exported the arz/envz externs 
and they are working quite well on Cygwin.  I do not see why 
this cannot be the same for the argp functions.


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