Thread safety - reentrancy

J. Johnston
Wed Aug 14 13:34:00 GMT 2002

Aleksandar Zivkovic wrote:
> Hi, there...
> ------------
> Does anyone know if its possible to make newlib thread safe/reentrant,
> without any RTOS support?
> Is there any mechanism to implement e.g.: malloc_lock/malloc_unlock
> without RTOS's functions?
> Thanks
> Aleksandar
> ----------

Does your platform have an atomic compare-and-swap operation or something similar 
(e.g. cmpxchg on the x86)?

Using such an insn, you can easily create a lock by comparing a memory location with a
"free" value.  For the swap-value, you specify the thread-id.  If the memory location
has the "free" value, you end up setting it to the thread-id.  If not, you end up
reading the value of the current memory location without changing it.  You loop until
you have the "free" value which indicates the value was already "free" and a swap has 
occurred.  If you want to support recursive locking, you can add a second test before looping which checks for the current thread-id already being in
the memory location.  You use a
counter to track how many times the current thread has locked.  On an unlock, you decrement
the counter.  When it reaches 0, you can perform a real unlock by swapping the "free"
value back into the memory location.

-- Jeff J.

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