[PATCH]: Fix libgloss port for 68hc11/68hc12

Stephane Carrez stcarrez@nerim.fr
Tue Jul 23 13:35:00 GMT 2002


This is a revised patch for 68HC11/68HC12 support in libgloss.
I cleaned up and improved the port according to other ports.
It does not use the libgloss read/write and provide its own.

Can you integrate this patch ?


2002-07-23  Stephane Carrez  <stcarrez@nerim.fr>

	* README: Mention 68HC11/68HC12 support.
	* configure.in: Recognize m6811-elf and m6812-elf.
	* m68hc11/Makefile.in: New file.
	* m68hc11/configure.in: New file.
	* m68hc11/configure: Generate.
	* m68hc11/crt0.S: New file.
	* m68hc11/sci-inout.S: New file for 68hc11/68hc12 sio.
	* m68hc11/sim-valid-m68hc11.ld: New file.
	* m68hc11/sim-valid-m68hc12.ld: New file.
	* m68hc11/syscalls.c: New file.

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