Host name guidelines? (and more)

Earnie Boyd
Tue Jul 16 11:46:00 GMT 2002

"J. Johnston" wrote:
> Upon further discussion here, it appears the machine-vendor-kernel-os format was done for
> linux for historical reasons and is not recommended.  As far as the '+' character goes, it has never been used before and I though I can't say exactly
> what problems will occur, I wouldn't recommend it.  One can combine the reactos and posix+ (posixplus) parts together to form the OS field (e.g.
> i386-pc-reactosposixplus).  Newlib doesn't own the top level configuration files so my opinion is certainly not the final word on the subject.  The
> files are taken from gcc.  Thus, this topic should really be discussed on the gcc mailing lists as any new configuration would have to be approved by
> their maintainers.

Right, and so the question should probably deferred to


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