Setting up a build tree for a new architecture

Doug Evans
Wed Jul 10 09:37:00 GMT 2002

H. Peter Anvin writes:
 > I'm trying to add my system platform to the newlib tree and compile it,
 > but I'm having a horrible time.  I don't want to create a whole setup
 > with gcc at al if I can at all avoid it (the target is an i386-based
 > platform using ELF at least as intermediate format, as is the host.)
 > No luck.  ./configure --target=i386-pc-com32 sets up an
 > i386-pc-com32/newlib directory, but then seems to expect to find files
 > in i386-pc-com32/newlib/.. that are actually in the newlib source root.

Building in the source tree is something the gnu tool developers
rarely, if ever, do.  Thus one guess for this particular problem is bitrot.
[insert notion that it's useful to have automated checks to keep
things like this working]

 > I hacked around this by adding symlinks when I found them, and
 > eventually got *something* to compile -- only to find that it had build
 > libc/sys/linux instead of linux/sys/com32.

I'm guessing you meant libc  ^^^^^ here.
I don't know why this happened (and I don't recall a message from
Jeff, maybe he responded in private).

Evidently the sys_dir to configure comes from
I don't see it defaulting to linux for unknown x86 targets.
Did you add an entry to for i*86-pc-com32?

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