Cygwin not respecting --without-newlib?

Nathanael Nerode
Tue Jul 9 10:57:00 GMT 2002

I've been trying to untangle yet more of the hairy code in top level, and I found an interesting item.

When the target is one of 

Newlib is 'always' built, according to the comments.

In fact, if --without-newlib was specified and host=target,
newlib is *not* built.

If --without-newlib was specified and host!=target, newlib *is* built.

However, --with-newlib *isn't* passed down to subconfigures, and
FLAGS_FOR_TARGET isn't set up for newlib.  So it's built but not used by
anything else.

Similar behavior occurs if --without-newlib wasn't specified, but
--with-headers and --with-libs were specified.

I'm quite sure this isn't the correct behavior.  Anyone know what the
correct behavior is?

I'd guess we should never build newlib if --without-newlib is specified,
and the 'always' in the comments should simply mean that we should build
newlib even when host=target.  But that's just my guess.


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