AT91 Source Code

Dinh Bowman
Thu May 16 09:53:00 GMT 2002


I FINALLY figure out how to get all the GCC/Binutils/GDB compiled properly
(Apparently if you have AVR-GCC previously when using Cygwin it gets
funky).. Now I'd like to start programming for my EB40...  Right now all I
want to do is make a LED blink but I am having a hard time finding examples
of sourcecode that compiles under GCC...  There is the AT91C.ZIP file from
Atmel (With a nice example of LEDs blinking) but that doesn't seem to work
too well or I don't know how to get it to work (Any suggestions?). It seems
like it has alot of nice functions that would be useful to have. There is
also the AT-GNU version from which seems
to be mainly for the EB01...

So what do I do about learning how to make LEDs blink, and various system
calls? I am unclear how Newlib fits into things and how to control IO ports
and access memory etc..

Thank you kindly,

-Dinh Bowman-

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