FIX was [Fwd: gcc 3.1 hppa failures]
Fri Apr 26 11:36:00 GMT 2002

In message <>, Joel Sherrill writes:
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 > With the patch in the attached email, I can build much further.
 > At this point, the problems are newlib and libgloss.  newlib's
 > libc/machine/pa assembly code uses subspa directives and 
 > libgloss has a Makefile problem where it reports not having 
 > a target.
 > My PA assembly language is WAY too rusty to attempt to fix 
 > newlib at this point.
It ought to be pretty simple.

.space $text$
.subspace $code$

Translates to:


.space $text$
.subspace $lit$

Translates to:


.space $private$
.subspa $data

Translates to:


.space $private$
.subspa $bss$

Translates to:


 > So please review and commit the
 > attached patch to the 3.1 and main trunks.  This will close
 > PR6455.
It looks good to me.

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