how to get the correct ld command from gcc

Jibin Han
Mon Mar 4 13:42:00 GMT 2002

	I am using such command to build an elf image to trigger
ld: "powerpc-eabi-gcc $(CFLAGS) -Wl,-T,$(LDSFILE) -o $@ boot.o 
$(OBJECTS) -lc $(BSP) -lc $(DRIVER_LIB)". now I want to trigger ld with
-Map option, I tried appending "-Map mapfile" to the command above, but
gcc can not recognize it.
	I then did this way, "powerpc-eabi-ld -Wl,-T,$(LDSFILE) -o $@
boot.o $(OBJECTS) -lc $(BSP) -lc $(DRIVER_LIB) -Map mapfile", but it says
can not recognize powerpc-eabi-ld options.
	could you pint me any method based on this command how to get the
map info from ld -Map?



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