Compiling newlib on a cygwin host for arm-elf target

Andy Hare
Tue Feb 26 13:22:00 GMT 2002


I have been trying to get newlib to compile for the arm-elf target under
cygwin on win2k. I get an error thus:

make[5]: Entering directory `/build/arm/thumb/newlib/libc/stdlib'
arm-elf-gcc -DPACKAGE=\"newlib\" -DVERSION=\"1.10.0\"  -I. -I/GNU-Source-Cod
 -I../../targ-include -I/GNU-Source-Code/src/newlib/libc/../libc/include -I/
GNU-Source-Code/src/newlib/libc/../../winsup/cygwin/include  -I/GNU-Source-C
ode/src/newlib/libc/../../winsup/w32api/include -fno-builtin      -g -O2  -m
thumb -c /GNU-Source-Code/src/newlib/libc/stdlib/abort.c
In file included from /GNU-Source-Code/src/newlib/libc/stdlib/abort.c:50:
../../targ-include/unistd.h:8:21: getopt.h: No such file or directory

I have used the following configure line :

 mkdir /build/arm/newlib ; \
 cd /build/arm/newlib ; \
 rm -r * ; \
 export CC='arm-elf-gcc' ; \
 /GNU-Source-Code/src/newlib/configure -v \
   --host=i686-pc-cygwin \
   --prefix=/xgcc-arm/gnu \
   --exec-prefix=/xgcc-arm/gnu \
   --target=arm-elf >$(HOME)/config-newlib.out 2>&1

but looking at the sub-directories being genereted in the the build
directory shows that the system is using the machine/i386 and sys/cygwin
surely this cannot be right. I had expected that it would have machine/arm
and sys/arm as sub-directories. Also the only way to get it to use the
arm-elf-gcc compiler was to use the export part of the configure line.

Am I using the correct format in the configure line to create a cross newlib
for the ARM under cygwin and if not can someone point me at the right line
to use.


Andy Hare

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