make i/o work ?

Wed Feb 6 10:13:00 GMT 2002


first thx for your fast reply.

> Newlib is built to sit on a relatively small syscall layer.  
What is a syscall layer ? I found a syscall.h for the v850 in libgloss, but i 
contains only defines.

> about inbyte() or outbyte();  it calls the read/write syscalls.  See
> newlib/libc/include/reent.h
So i must create a _write_r function, to make serial output work ?
Is it sufficent to compile such function with my programm and to link it 
agains the newlib or must i rebuild newlib with _write_r ?
Is there a simplier write function which does not need to take care of 
reentrency ?

> You also need a crt0 and a crt1 (if you want C++ ctor/dtor support).
I have my own crt0.S which i link with my programms.

> If you want to run off a board, there is the RedBoot monitor you can use
> for certain v850 boards.  
I am on with it. I although try to get ecos working. I don´t know which way i 
use later. I think redboot is a bit oversized for the little v850.
What i want is a working printf("%f"); for our selfmade eval Board and a 
debugging stubs. Cause of the gdb-stub i a trying to get eCos on.



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