Problem with newlib 1.10.0

Wolfgang Fritz
Sat Feb 2 05:23:00 GMT 2002


after upgrading from newlib 1.9.0 to 1.10.0 I get the following errors:

m68k-coff-gcc -g -m68000 -nostartfiles -Wl,-Map -Wl, -Wl,-T
-Wl,../SOS/SRC/Hwa302/sos.ld S
os.o Test.o -o sos302 -L../../libdt -L../SOS -lsos302 -lc -ldt -lc -lgdb
../SOS/libsos302.a(Mon.o): In function `sMonCmdInterpret':
/local/home/wofritz/dt/SmallOS/SOS/SRC/Monitor/Mon.c:147: undefined
reference to `_ctype_'
more undefin
ed references to `_ctype_' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I found the sourcefile ctype_.c, but as always I got lost in that bunch
of #defines and could not figure out how and where _ctype_ is (should
be) defined.

I've compiled with gcc-2.95.3 with target m68k-coff.

Any hints / pointers / RTFMs etc. are welcome.


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