Cross-compiler for "i386-pc-linux-gnu" on WIN-NT thru Cygwin

Manoj Verma
Wed Jan 2 22:38:00 GMT 2002

I understand David, I should have spent sometime typing my query rather than
just copying and pasting it, which lead to typographical error.
Also thanks for your reply to my query.

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>while configuring the GLIBC the target I sepecified was "i386-pc-linux-gnu"
>not "i386-pc-out " as specified below.

  How on earth did you manage to get that wrong?  You last letter looked
like you had cut and pasted from a bash shell, it even had the prompt there:

>bash-2.03$ ../glibc-2.2.4/configure --target=i386-pc-out
>--prefix=../cinstall 2>&1 | tee myconfig.log

  Don't forge diagnostic information in your mail, that's stupid: how do you
expect to get an answer to your problem if you fake the vital evidence that
you expect others to use to solve the problem?  Now I can't tell if anything
you said in your last letter is the truth or if you made all of it up like
you did with that configure command.

  However, assuming that you aren't lying about it, then the problem is that
you should be configuring the --host option for glibc, not --target: glibc 
is not a cross-compiler so the "host" has to be the machine that glibc will
run on, and that isn't the same as the cross-compiler machine, it is the
target of the cross compiler machine.  The clue is in these lines which you
didn't read very closely from the error output:

>checking host system type...  i686-pc-cygwin 
> *** The GNU C library is currently not available for this platform.

  So glibc is not available for i686-pc-cygwin, and it has ignored your
--target altogether, because --target is not meaningful for glibc.

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