Again newlib with arm / thumb interwork

Bernhard Maeder/Alex Raimondi
Wed Dec 26 14:36:00 GMT 2001


A few weeks ago i asked for help to build a newlib which supports
thumb-interworking. That means it has to be compiled using flag

Until now i didn't succeed in building such a lib.

Just be sure if my understanding is right:

- This "interworking lib" is a matter of newlib. It is built while making
  newlib and not while makeing gcc or other sutff of gnu tool chain?

- In fact there should be 4 versions of newlib. ARM-newlib (arm code, no
  interworking), Thumb-newlib (thumb code, no interworking),
  ARM-interworking-newlib (arm code, interworking) and
  thumb-interworking-newlib (thumb code, interworking).

To make newlib i extracted newlib-1.9.0 into a directory ./newlib-1.9.0
and made a second build directory ./build-newlib


cd build-newlib
../newlib-1.9.0/configure --target=arm-elf

After configure newlib there is a more or less empty directory arm-elf
(between etc subdir) in  build-newlib. After running make a lot of
more configure is done and in arm-elf some subdirs are created (newlib,
thumb, thumb/newlib)

What i just tried, was after configure there is a Makefile in
build-newlib. In there is a line defining FLAGS_FOR_TARGET. If i put
-mthumb-interwork newlib seems to compile for interworking.
Don't know if it realy works, because i have some troubles to test it.
But if it's a solution, there must be another one.

Thanks for any hint

Alex & Nuschk

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