feature request: sleep() and usleep() for ARM

J. Johnston jjohnstn@cygnus.com
Fri Nov 23 15:55:00 GMT 2001

Shaun Jackman wrote:
> I have a feature request for newlib: sleep() and usleep() for the ARM.
> If the target implements SWI_Clock and SWI_Time this should be pretty trivial.
> Alternatively, is the newlib group open to patches from outside? What's the
> release schedule?
> Thanks!
> Shaun
> (please cc me, as I'm not a member of the mailing list)

Yes, we are open to patches from outside parties.  That is the purpose of
open software.

It would probably make sense to add sleep() and usleep() to the libc/time
directory and have them use _times_r() and _gettimeofday_r() like clock() and
time() do.  That way additional platforms other than ARM could also use these 
routines.  Configurations with truer posix support would override them (e.g.
linux and cygwin).
I will put something together and post it here.

-- Jeff J.

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