Port of Newlib/libgloss for 68HC11 and 68HC12

J. Johnston jjohnstn@cygnus.com
Mon Oct 1 10:02:00 GMT 2001

Stephane Carrez wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I'm the maintainer of Binutils, Gdb and Gcc for 68HC11/68HC12 microcontrollers.
> I've ported Newlib and libgloss libraries for these Motorola microcontrollers.
> I'm using this for two years now for the validation of gcc (started with 2.95
> and now with 3.0/3.1).
> I would like to donate you that port as well as a few fixes.
> I'll send to the newlib mailing list a set of patchs for this.
> Let me know if there are any copyright issue.


  The code has a copyright assignment to the FSF, but has a BSD-like license.
To my knowledge, the FSF doesn't accept any code unless it has a GPL license
and newlib does not accept GPL'd code.

  Is there any reason why you cannot assign the copyright to Red Hat or
keep it in your own name?

-- Jeff J.

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